Quadrupel Ale Chicken

I have been wanted to put some fire to wood lately and my local grocer had a few whole chickens that looked like they may be just the critters to throw on the fire. So, I picked up a pair of roasting hens.

I decided to grill/smoke with a beer can style setup to keep the chicken moist and tender while roasting over two sticks of cherry wood with a little lump charcoal dumped between them.

After racking the old ashes from the bottom of my grill, I laid a few sticks of cherry wood and started to pour out some lump charcoal when I remembered my electric charcoal starter had melted when I left it a little to long in the coals on a prior cook. So, the question at hand was how to start the fire?


So, I put an old veggie grilling metal sheet on the gas camping  stove, poured out some charcoal and fired it up. I made sure to have a water hose close by with a little water pressure on it just in case a few embers dropped to the leaves below during my startup.

After moving my burning coals to the grill, I rubbed a little olive oil on my chicken and dusted with a simple rub of salt and pepper before I looked for a little liquid to keep it moist while roasting.


I decided on a smooth Quadruplel Ale called Three Philosophers brewed in Cooperstown, NY.


I used about half the Ale in the roasting cup and the other half to baste the cook.



While looking through the refrigerator for veggies to go with the chicken I could hear a little land of lakes Indian maiden calling my name. So, I melted some butter to coat the bird for the last half hour of roasting.


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  • stephanie November 14, 2013, 1:42 pm

    YUM! This looks great!

    • Lawrence November 15, 2013, 6:09 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to seeing your little one in the spring.

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