Farm to Table for the Hungry

I have been grilling chicken, smoking Texas style beef brisket and frying turkeys over the Thanks Giving and Christmas holidays and have several recipes to share. But, my thoughts lately have been on developing a simple community service project which both feeds the hungry with healthy fresh food from the farm and supports small family farms like the farmers I talk to at my local farmers market. I have notice that several of these farmers have subscription based programs in which you pay a monthly subscription and receive weekly or bi-weekly boxes of produce or meat based on their seasonal harvest. The thought came to me that these boxes could really be used by non-profits which prepare food and feed the hungry. I have helped serve food at a local men's shelter in my community and the food is mostly prepackaged foods loaded with carbs and there is not a fresh vegetable to be seen, a lot of staples from food drives. Now, how to locate  resources and connect small family farms and non-profits feeding the hungry? That is the question. Would a simple web store work where you could match a family farm to  a charity along with your donation work? Please post our ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.

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