Coffee Pepper

Coffee-Grinder_260x260   In my never-ending pursuit for new BBQ ingredients, I may have stumbled onto a new weapon of flavor, Coffee Pepper. This ingredient blend, whole peppercorns coarsely ground together with Starbucks dark Italian roast coffee beans, is my new tool for building layers of flavor. This summer I received a manual coffee grinder as a gift, hand-crafted here in the good old U.S.A. by The Red Rooster Trading Company, and have enjoyed the depth of flavors from steeping various grades of hand ground roasted coffee beans in a bath of hot water. After various experiments grinding whole beans from my local grocery, I dialed into the heavy coarse grade in brewing my favorite morning indulgent of choice. Over the past few years, I have added prepackaged finely ground pepper with a little regular prepackaged ground coffee to my BBQ rub mixes with good results. But on one recent Saturday morning, I was out of ground coffee to add to a fresh batch of BBQ rub so I added a few scoops of coffee beans to my scoops of pepper corns. The resulting blend had a look and feel similar to crushed black pepper with but sweetly rich aromatics from the Arabica coffee beans. I am still blending different amounts of pepper corns with coffee and would like to know your results if you give this a shot. Just leave me a comment.

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