We use wood, burnt down to a fire of coals, smoke and fresh ingredients from local farms to create events, seasonings and sauces people want to share.

Our small batch hand crafted seasonings will bring contrasting color, texture and flavor to your next barbecue. Here are a few comments from people that have tried our goods.

“Thanks for bringing your special blend of seasonings, hickory fire and smoke to our men's retreats over the years. The whole pig, pulled pork shoulders and ribs bring some serious flavor to the table.”

Bill Montross – Christian Business Men's Connection

"As the Chairman of several Boy Scout BBQ fundraisers, your ability and willingness to scale your custom seasoning rub and Carolina Vinegar recipes were exactly what our troop needed. In addition, the planning spreadsheets which forecast-ed and printed out a “1-stop-shopping” list for everything we needed was invaluable. I highly recommend your recipes, knowledge, and services.”

Larry Ashworth – Boy Scout Leader

“The customized recipe for the rub for our BBQ is just outstanding! Between that and the BBQ Sauce recipe, we’ve had unbeatable BBQ every year for our major fundraiser! Plus, it makes it so easy when you scale your custom BBQ seasoning rub to a bag of rub per case of meat. That really simplified seasoning all 2,000 to 3,000 pounds meat we’ve smoked and sold.”

Terry Dixon – Trial Life Scout Leader

 We offer  wholesale pricing to non-profits making an impact in the community and provide free BBQ event planning spreadsheets to forecast your meat, seasoning, sauce and other event purchases. You can email me at with any questions.

Also, make sure to signup for our free news and recipes by email and we will email you a free copy of our, step by step, BBQ cooking guide with the cooking times, temperatures and instructions we use on large community BBQ events.