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Carolina Mountain Trout with White Wine Brown Sauce

A few months back, in cooler spring weather, I spent a long weekend camping and fishing in the mountains near the Chattooga River, bordering SC and GA with a few friends. Upon arrival, we set up camp, looked over maps of prospective mountain streams, and talked by the campfire about the possible entry points to the river for our outing the next morning.
3-2-1 Flank Steak

When cooked on high heat to medium-rare, flank steak can be a lean lower fat succulent dish with a smoky wood-fired taste but great care must be taken not to overcook.
Moonshine Brine Pork Chops

Last Saturday I enjoyed grilling for one of my favorite family gatherings, a birthday party, and grilled Moonshine Brine Pork Chops by request to go with cooked vegetables and salad prepared by my wife. Give Moonshine Brine Pork Chops a test drive and you will be in for a treat. The loin cuts are where we get pork chops from the pig and the filet mignon from beef. This cut from high on the back of the pig is also the source for the phrase “living a little higher on hog” in contrast to the cheaper cuts like Boston butt, picnic ham and bacon found a little lower on the animal.
Rubbing the pork

A long time friend living in Nashville  emailed me today and suggested I give people a little more, step by step, detail on just how I like to rub, smoke and sauce pork BBQ.  So, here we go!  I will go over my five to ten minute prep on the day before putting the meat on the actual smoker. Day 1 BBQ Prep 1. Simply tear open a five ounce, net weight, bag of Fire of Coals Pork Rub  and pour the contents in a large pan (or, about 1/3 of a pound bag). No measuring cups or spoons are needed.