Fire of Coals pursues adventure, community and great taste in cooking for large events or smaller backyard fires.


  1. To team up with fellow outdoor cooks to track down or create the best outdoor cooking: recipes, methods, gear, tech, seasonings and ingredients.
  2. To team up with family farms committed to environmentally friendly methods.
  3. To team up with nonprofits making a difference in the community.
  4. To create enjoyable and sustainable jobs.

Company Story

            Fire of Coals LLC started as a thought seed in 2014 over a cup of coffee with friends using our years of outdoor cooking and fundraising experience to assist a non-profit with limited resources with a BBQ fundraiser. The thought seed was, what if…
What if…  resources truly were unlimited, what if …we could connect  outdoor cooking enthusiasts, like ourselves, with the best of the best recipes, methods, gear, tech, seasonings, the freshest meat and produce from local family eco-friendly farms and assist nonprofits that make a big impact it the community in the process.
And, what if… these adventures in fire could create enjoyable and sustainable jobs. That would be super cool!


People that help throw wood on the fire and kick around great ideas

David Buie

Non-profit fundraiser/Taste Tester

Favorite thing to put on a Fire of Coals: Burgers


Dale McDonald

Cooking Gear Collector/Competition Pitt Boss

Favorite thing to put on a Fire of Coals: Whole Hog


Steven Wray

Non-profit Fundraiser/Competition Pitt Boss

Favorite thing to put on a Fire of Coals: Steak


Mitch Frye

Backyard Griller/Kansas City Barbecue Society Judge

Favorite thing to put on a Fire of Coals: Boston Butts


Lawrence Heath


Recipe Collector/Kansas City Barbeque Society Judge

Hometown: Riegelwood, NC

Favorite thing to put on a Fire of Coals: Yellow Tail Tuna Steaks


Comments from a few of our customers

“Thanks for bringing your special blend of seasonings, hickory fire and smoke to our men's retreats over the years. The whole pig, pulled pork shoulders and ribs bring some serious flavor to the table.”

Bill Montross – CBMC Charlotte Area Director 

"As the Chairman of several Boy Scout BBQ fund raisers, your ability and willingness to scale your custom seasoning rub and Carolina Vinegar recipes were exactly what our troop needed. In addition, the planning spreadsheets which forecasted and printed out “1-stop-shopping” list for everything we needed was invaluable. I highly recommend your recipes, knowledge, and services.”

Larry Ashworth – former Boy Scout Leader

“The customized recipe for the rub for our BBQ is just outstanding! Between that and the BBQ Sauce recipe, we’ve had unbeatable BBQ every year for our major fundraiser! Plus, it makes it so easy when you scale your custom BBQ seasoning rub to a bag of rub per case of meat. That really simplified seasoning all 2,000 to 3,000 pounds meat we’ve smoked and sold.”

Terry Dixon – former Trial Life Scout

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