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We are in business to preserve wild places and wildlife.

Our reason for being
At Fire of Coals, we understand that wild places and wildlife are at risk. We aim to use our time, talents and resources to do something about it.

Fire of Coals grew out of a small project making seasoning and sauce for a BBQ fundraiser to send my son's Boy Scout  Troop to the wilderness of Pilmont, New Mexico. Wild places still remain at the heart of our business that still makes BBQ seasoning and sauce used to fund wilderness adventure trips - as well as to help community and family BBQ cooks pursue their adventures.

As the risk to wild places and wildlife increases, we are working to advance positive change to preserve our wilderness, hunting and fishing heritage. We donate our time, services and a portion of our sales to organizations making an impact in the wise use of wilderness, waters and wildlife.

Core Values

Our values are representative of a business founded by people that enjoy an outdoor lifestyle of hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. The approach we take toward our products demonstrates our bias toward natural ingredients inspired by nature.

Make the Best Products

We make our Seasoning and Sauce Products with natural ingredients locally sourced when possible and flavors inspired by the Carolina Low Country.

From the salty brackish waters of its cypress swamps to the smokey notes of hickory and oak in its forest. We find inspiration here.


Lawrence Heath

Founding Member


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